Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Pick of the Month

Don’t let the little, or big, moments in life slip away. The 11.5 x 8.5 storybook is
the perfect size for family albums, vacation books, life stories, wedding books,
or any of life’s fun events that should never be forgotten.

originally $69.95 / limit 3 / for only $54.95

add studio premier to your order!
Get a three month membership for only $29.95 ($10/month).
Save 50%.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Christmas in July

It truly is Christmas in July! I am so excited to help you start on your projects for Christmas, and now is the perfect time to buy! With our special buy 3 get 1 free promotion, Heritage Makers is offering some of the best prices EVER on all your favorite projects. The sale is valid on all our products - you pick your favorite!

Need ideas for gifts? Looking for something meaningful AND AFFORDABLE to give to your loved ones this year? Heritage Makers has lots of ideas for you! See the attached flyer for all the details!

Friday, April 10, 2009

HOORAY! The April ONLINE Workshops are HERE!


We had such a GREAT response to my March ONLINE Workshops - Many THANKS to those of you who attended!

If you missed out in March - or even if you attended - you DEFINITELY want to RESERVE YOUR SPACE for my April Online Workshops!

They are going to be PACKED with GREAT IDEAS - EASY! FUN! AFFORDABLE! MEANINGFUL! for Mother's Day, Father's Day and for other special events and special PEOPLE in your life!

There will be...

LOTS of NEW tips, tools and ideas!

LIVE demonstration of how Heritage Studio works!

EVERYONE who attends is going to receive FREE templates that are NOT in the Template Gallery!

EVERYONE who attends is entered in a drawing for a FREE 8X8 STORYBOOK!


So, stay in those pajamas, get your favorite treat and a few photos to have on hand and get ready to have FUN - right from the comfort of your home and computer!

APRIL DATES FOR ONLINE WORKSHOPS - Click on the date to RSVP - Hurry! Space is LIMITED!

Thursday, April 16 - 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern

Tuesday, April 21 - 10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain, 12 Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern

IMPORTANT NOTE: Publishing Deadline for Storybook for Mother's Day is APRIL 20 - I recommend April 17. If you would like an idea for Mother's Day and time to create your project, please be sure to attend a Workshop on April 7th or 9th.

What It's All About...

Click arrow to play. Enjoy...

Please contact me to start your own Storybooking.


There are soooo many great things about Heritage Blocks. Here are my TOP THREE...

1. 100% Toddler/Kid-Proof
- That's right! Kids can play with them and see and learn about their family too - building heritage, block by block.

2. No Frames Needed - The low cost of the print, block and adhesive is it! No fancy frames are additional costs. These attractive blocks are a great way showcase family, story, memories and legacies.

3. Great Gift for ANYONE
- No matter the person or age, Heritage Blocks are a fantastic gift that they will LOVE! Just choose or create your own design and adhere them to the blocks. Now you have a beautiful gift that will be a huge hit!

Instructions for Making Heritage Blocks:

Cut a standard 2x4 into smaller blocks then create a template with custom vintage patterns to give the blocks a unified look. Add photos and text then send off to print. Here Kate the cut out pieces out and modge-podged them onto the blocks. You can also create 2 tall blocks on one 12x12 printed page and 3 square blocks on one 12x12 printed page. You can make the whole set of 5 blocks for less than $15 - that includes the template, printing and materials!

Like the Template Shown? Contact me and I will place it in your Heritage Studio account with your order.

Need publishing credits?
Please contact me and SAVE!!!!

Jill's Story
(Template Design By Jill Means)

Here are the "heritage blocks" I created about my grandparents. My sister-in-law, Kate and I wanted to feature my grandparents in our homes, but we didn't really want to take up wall space with framed photos. We created these blocks instead. You can put them on a table, shelf, or wall ledge. People can pick them up and read them, kids can even play with them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Specials

Click on an of the above flyers to see the April Specials. Plus club premier is still available as well as the Mother's Day and Father's Day packages. I would love to help you get started or save some money!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom & Dad's Day Packages

This Mother’s and Father’s Day, express your appreciation with a Heritage Makers gift package. Make mom and dad cry…in a good way. This is their holiday—make it count.

Little Book Package
• (1) 7x5 Storybook credit
• (1) FREE 5x7 Greeting Card credit
Only $39.95 #7294
Big Book Package
• (1) 7x10 Storybook credit
• (1) FREE 5x7 Greeting Card credit
Only $59.95 #7295

Club Premier- It's Back!

This is fantastic news - Club Premier is back! This was such a successful program in January, that for a limited time, the home office has decided to bring it back!

Purchase an entire year of Premier Membership for just $99.95! That's less than $8.50 a month - or 67% off the regular pay as you go pricing.

If you love Premier (and let's face it, who doesn't?) you won't want to miss out on this phenomenal deal. Contact me directly and I'll get your account set up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I made this today in only 10 minutes.

A friend shared this template with me. I love templates! This project took me only 10 minutes to create. This 18x24 poster is only $14.95! Templates are FANTASTIC and make it so easy to create beautiful products for your photos. Let me show you how easy it is! But fair warning - you just might get addicted!